Our Services


End of lease cleaning

Assuring an eco-friendly and refined touch, our services not only ensure the return of your bond but also encompass a comprehensive package of sophisticated offerings.


Carpet cleaning

We excel in an array of carpet cleaning techniques, including the sophistication of dry powder cleaning, the precision of encapsulated cleaning, the finesse of bonnet cleaning, and the thoroughness of steam cleaning.


Floor care and maintenance

We are specialised when it comes to Floor cleaning and maintenance. We do use the newest and fast technological approach to give the client an outstanding hygenic eco-friendly environment.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Neat N Tidy are always a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller


Why you need to choose NEAT N TIDY ?

Since our inception in 2020, Neat N Tidy Facility Service has emerged as a stalwart in the dynamic market, consistently delivering excellence. With a steadfast commitment to unparalleled service,



Curious about our cleaning services? Ask away! We’re here to answer all your questions, ensuring a transparent and spotless experience.