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At Neat N Tidy Facility Service, we redefine cleanliness with a spectrum of meticulous services tailored for both residential and commercial spaces. For homes, our expertise extends from end-of-lease cleaning to comprehensive house deep cleaning, encompassing meticulous attention to appliances, carpets, and windows. On the commercial front, we specialize in office, hotel, and club cleaning, providing thorough kitchen deep cleaning, appliance care, and window cleaning. Additionally, our commitment to health extends to specialized healthcare cleaning and maintenance services. Elevate your surroundings with our detailed and professional touch.


End of lease cleaning

Assuring an eco-friendly and refined touch, our services not only ensure the return of your bond but also encompass a comprehensive package of sophisticated offerings.


Carpet cleaning

We excel in an array of carpet cleaning techniques, including the sophistication of dry powder cleaning, the precision of encapsulated cleaning, the finesse of bonnet cleaning, and the thoroughness of steam cleaning.


Floor care and maintenance

We are specialised when it comes to Floor cleaning and maintenance. We do use the newest and fast technological approach to give the client an outstanding hygenic eco-friendly environment.


Window cleaning

Our team of seasoned professionals fearlessly executes elevated window cleaning services, combining expertise with heights to ensure a pristine and professional outcome. We have a special team who do tall buildings outside windows using modern technical machinery and we guarantee a 100% new look.


Recurring cleaning

Our tailored recurring cleaning services are designed to meet your needs, offering flexibility in scheduling – be it on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Your convenience is our priority.


High pressure cleaning

Revitalize your space with our high-pressure cleaning services, restoring freshness and shine to surfaces with precision and efficiency.


Stripping and sealing

Revitalize your space with our high-pressure cleaning services, restoring freshness and shine to surfaces with precision and efficiency.


Tile and grout cleaning

Experience a renewed sparkle in your tiles and grout as our expert cleaning tackles stubborn stains, leaving your surfaces impeccably clean and revitalized.

Ovan & Grill cleaning

Elevate your kitchen hygiene with our specialized oven and grill cleaning services, ensuring a spotless and safe cooking environment for both domestic and industrial.

Builders cleaning

Post-construction perfection: our builders cleaning service meticulously removes debris and dust, leaving your newly built or renovated space immaculately clean and ready for occupancy.

Why choose Neat N Tidy?

At Neat N Tidy Facility Service, our focus is on quality over pricing. Rest assured, our prices reflect the excellence of our services, and we stand by our commitment with a money-back guarantee if ever the standard is not met.

With Neat N Tidy Facility Service, experience and certification define our cleaning prowess. Expect prices aligned with the expertise, we have a well experienced and certified staff who respects the newest laws of our fine state.

Our dedication to eco-friendly practices extends to the meticulous selection of non-toxic chemicals. At Neat N Tidy Facility Service, your well-being is our priority, assuring you that every cleaning solution used is not only of top quality but also free from harmful toxins. Your safety and a pristine environment are non-negotiable aspects we uphold.

Punctuality is paramount at Neat N Tidy Facility Service. Expect our team to deliver their meticulous work on time or even before the promised deadline. Your satisfaction is rooted in our commitment to timely and efficient service.

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